2023 Iowa Trail Run Series Points Leaderboard 

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There's an extra layer of competition for the entire series! In addition to awards at individual events, earn points throughout the season for every finish line you cross, plus points for success in your age group or the overall classification. See the chart below for scoring and updated rankings!

Note: In each individual event, a runner may only collect points for finishing and either their overall finish or their age group finish. Meaning, if you are in the top five overall, you will not collect points based on your age group finish. 


To be eligible, you must participate in AT LEAST FIVE EVENTS.

End of season awards will be given out to the TRUE Top Three Overall, and TRUE Winner of each age group. This means you will collect points within your gender throughout the season, however your total points will be judged against the entire field of guys and gals. At the end of the season, you either WIN your age group, or you're TOP THREE OVERALL, but not both. All points collected throughout the season go into a single bucket.

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