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ITRS: Waubonsie presented by Singlespeed Brewing

Hooray! You're racing at Waubonsie State Park this Saturday 8/6!


We have three days left before our third time conquering the Loess hills at Waubonsie State Park! All race day details are below. Please read and respond HERE if you have additional questions. 

Here is the MAP of the race course and "base camp" at Waubonsie. This is where you can pickup your packets, set up your all day running picnic, buy merch, and where we'll do awards. Most importantly, it's where you can reward yourself with a Swift IPA from Singlespeed Brewing!

Packet pickup will only be on race day at Waubonsie State Park from 6am-9:45am on 8/6/22. We will not have packet pickup the day before the event at the park. For 10K and 5K runners, you DO NOT need to show up at 6am to pick up your packets on race morning - approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour before you start is just fine! 

If you're interested in camping at Waubonsie to save yourself some driving on race morning, there are still some spots available and you can RESERVE THEM HERE

You've heard this umpteen times, but, yet again, parking is limited at Waubonsie! If you can, please carpool. Please do not park in undesignated areas. We greatly appreciate the 10K and 5K runners leaving the majority of parking around the picnic area to Enduro runners, as they'll likely have necessary supplies stashed in vehicles. Parking is available in several locations throughout the park and we'll have great volunteers to guide you there. Give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to walk to the start area if you are unable to park near the picnic area. 

The Enduro race starts at 7am. The 10K and 5K start at 10am. Please self seed based on your pacing. If you're faster than the average trail gnome, go toward the front of your start time. If you prefer to hang back, feel free to do that as well! Self-seeding honestly will allow everyone to have a much more enjoyable experience. We will do a time trial start of a few people at a time to give everyone space on the trail. 

We will have a kids race just before the start of the 10K and 5K at 9:50am. It's free and all 12 and unders are welcome to participate - just grab a bib from packet pickup. 

Some additional notes for those that are running all day in the Enduro event:
- One Enduro lap is 3.6 miles
- Your lap time will be calculated from the point where you cross the start mat until the point where you cross the finish mat. Any time you spend in the picnic/base camp area is a "dead zone" and doesn't count against your time. 
- Awards will be given out to the top three overall men and women in the Enduro, 10K, and 5K and the top overall team. 
- Water, gels, and Gatorade Endurance will be provided, but please bring your own water bottle to avoid additional waste
- Individually wrapped snacks will be provided throughout the day (granola bars, beef jerky, fruit snacks, crackers, bananas, etc)
- Toilets will be available at the south end of the base camp
- Team Enduro runners can run all together, take breaks, or do a relay...whatever your strategy to get the most laps!
- 4:15pm will be the cutoff to START a lap, meaning even if you finish after 5pm, that lap still counts. 

Please respond to if you have any questions! Let's get ready for round three of one of the toughest trail challenges you'll have this year! 



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